art prompt: cry for color

photo Cry for Color from the archives of Tomas Karkalas

cry for color


Once upon a time the sunbeam created my palette and the artworks reflected the sunbeam. My surroundings literally feeds me – the fine arts helped me recognize oneself in other .

Roses bloom beautifully because they are not trying to be lavender or irises.“ ~ Pragito Dove

The cost of color discovery is high. Art therapy classes go in the hospitals for people with the psychiatric disorders.



unnamed memory

digital drawing unnamed memory by Tomas Karkalas

unnamed memory

The pictures help omit the needless words in response to the daily news. The artwork unnamed memory jumps straightly to the essence: why did the love to next to us so rarely arises?

“Can we love everybody?” comes in response…but that means we love nobody.

The aged dress their ‚once upon a time‘ suit and drive the time machine to youth. Thus the nostalgia restores them to life and gives them the reason for the existence.

While judging the action we can’t judge a person. That is the obvious too if love dwells in us indeed.