The Word in search of the Word

In the beginning was the Word and He became flesh. So my artwork appeared in a  search of the Word

search of the Word

the breakthrough via the ignorance towards oneself

digital painting the breakthrough via the ignorance  2005 ~ Tomas Karkalas

the breakthrough via the ignorance 2005 ~ Tomas Karkalas

Time renames the pictures but old images continue the sharing of the same message despite our expanded experience. It changes only the titles but not the message.

As I looked at my digital painting on above, the cloud of improvements cried for healing touch to better express the Towards Oneself theme. It looked like the changing of the past needed only the editing program, but was that not a trap?
We cannot change the past. We can only try to comprehend our yesterday.
Therefore I did not edit my artwork.
The Wake up! command challenges but not raises up a wish to stand up. That demands the acknowledgement of personal state on a bottom.  Am I there?
I have browsed through my blogging. No comments were the typical endings of my posts.  Does it mean my emotions were only mine actuality?

Our life is what our thoughts make it.” (Marcus Aurelius, Meditations)

Time turned the silence to the provision of the writing materials for new post could occur, for a breakthrough via the ignorance could stay possible, so here are  the transformational art of Tomas Karkalas 

inhabited winter

photo story inhabited winter by Tomas Karkalas from Klaipeda, Lithuania

inhabited winter

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beauty depends on viewpoint

The reality I see depends on my viewpoint.  So it is easy to name this artwork either the realistic and sorrowful, or the symbolical and comforting.  Everything depends on our mindset.  That challenges, and the mood of the picture revives my archives .  Have a look at the Art of Truth. … I Hope you will enjoy my other blogs too.  See Time’s Judgment. My thanks to WordPress for her empowerment  to share these visual thoughts with you.

best wishes didn’t lost its meaning

stocktaking of 2008

I looked at the archives of my blog (see the picture above)  and reminded all my other artworks and the blogs I have ( DAYFLY is one of them) Thus the memory made me the speechless . What was written a year ago looked like coming out of me now.  My wonder doubled as I reminded a saying “nothing happens by chance”.  Thus I have read the text below the picture…   The artwork was the same as here  yet the picture looked differently there despite the same message. This metamorphosis once again proved to me that changes depict just outward appearance of things we encounter, meanwhile the spiritual light is the rock-like, it remains the same for ever.

what enables me to breath freely

family relations

family connection by Tomas Karkalas 2009

I looked underfoot and sat back in awe. I saw not the litters covered with snow, but just unforgettable artwork – the picture of  a couple. While travel-films typically just wake up the dreams and inspire,  the sight at what’s underfoot always reveals what enables us to breathe freely.  While there  were just one footprint, the dark spot wasn’t alone:  the leaves from under the snow visualized the lovely face nearby. That wasn’t just an artistic fantasy but the reality- the truth of my being.

autumn melody


autumn melody

autumn melody 2009

I’m going to  send my autumn melody to and therefore know this digital painting will receive lots of clicks, the artwork will break through the silence.   I hope you will speak your mind and the  November’s wind stop  fear us to go outside.  You will find why does sunlight turn pale then and we will enjoy the new colors together.