the spirit of adventure

digital painting the spirit of adventure by Tomas Karkalas

the spirit of adventure.

Tall tree was growing in my backyard; I was young too, but became a bald at the window. The tree has changed likewise. A stump fits in my eye-shot now.
I and the tree kept eye-to-eye contact for a long but didn’t reach an intimacy because many other windows gazed at us and each looked from its own perspective, so a bad–mouthing colored the sky.
But the confusion didn’t last for a long. Somebody crowed the stump: put a vase of the flowers on it. The stranger’s search for the beauty stopped all misunderstandings and honored us both.
Wow! It is good to live in an apartment house: many people dream in the windows here. The sense of togetherness creates the peace in the thundering town, inflames with the want to create. I joyfully scrape the potatoes for to cook something to eat.

“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” ~ Aristotle

Images created by Lithuanian artist Tomas Karkalas

a riddle

photo Custodian of Moral Values

Custodian of Moral Values

A riddle leads to guesswork and thus wakes up the creativity, enhances the memory and attention.
…if things were better – if my pension would be higher than the debts, if I have some cash, I would go outside and order a cup of coffee in the coffee-house THEN

… As I put that truth on a paper, the ugly picture emerged. I saw a man who had no  goals to follow. And the worse of it was that this man was I. So I just ought to defend my point of view now! Therefore I browsed through my notebook of wise sayings and please, look above.