attempts to improve

digital painting 80x60 cm by Tomas Karkalas

digital attempts to improve 80x60cm by Tomas Karkalas 2011

after reading the unforgettable words by Harley King on Daily Inspiration site, the wish to improve the shot that was just made  literally blazed in me. Such way the digital painting attempts to improve came into being.

The attempts to improve something reflect the desire to keep the vanishing smile in a mirror of  art interpretations, to strengthen the gratitude for being alive.

Yet can the digital revive the hopes? Can the picture burst into blossom in computer painting ? The beholders witness just an abstract image  in art by Tomas Karkalas…

Only the knock on the heart is potent to restore the loveliest memory of the past passion to live.  Your comments may enable that to happen. Would you gift me your feedback? It would be  great to exchange my current monologues into the chatter of the fellows. Nice dreams?