digital painting Home Town by Tomas Karkalas- Klaipeda, Lithuania

digital painting “Home Town”~ by Tomas Karkalas- Klaipeda, Lithuania

Though the pictures on my wall did not change but are alive – each new day renews the wonder and brings the new insights. These transformations have taught me to enjoy the attitude towards life rather than the ambiguous shapes.

People with disabilities dream away their life at their windows. That may look like a severe test – the damnation, but it may be the blessing too. As I stopped revile my window for my limitations, I saw the children outside the window. They laughed in my backyard despite the collapsing world. When I acknowledged my swaddling-clothes, the smile returned to my face –
my window rescued it when I stopped pretending I can everything.

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Thought for the Day

Poets love all people. Unfortunately, fine art does not create love. On the contrary, creation changes love into the angry rhetoric of politicians: the publicly declared unity of people is practically broken down into fans of the artist and lovers of other styles. Instead of hugging, people start arguing with each other about whose tastes are better. Let us remember the saying “the way to hell is based on good wishes”. Our good intentions lead us to hell. Does Facebook escape this?
We see blog posts either without comments or with conflicting opinions