a cap of art by Tomas

art by Tomas

my cap

Current events helped me to see my cap in the new light. What was just a header of Art by Tomas blog unexpectedly obtained  new meaning- what was just one of my pictures suddenly became the precious one as I turned on my computer and met just empty screen instead of the familiar entrance to my blog.  All my works were lost due to  some  server break …  It seemed that the blinking  of autumn clouds outside my window were sneering  at me.   My meeting with the loss questioned me what was the true meaning of all my activity.  The loss transferred the header of my blog into the living warning – depicted empty screen as my empty hands at the resurrection. My past jumped into the future and I recognized oneself  naked.

Blogspot Team quickly fixed the problem, thanks, what was lost run again on a web, and my heart joyfully pulsed again.  So I questioned myself,  did I learn the lesson? Did I seize what I received for free?

As I recalled my photo Confrontation with Oneself, the  old picture started to talk much louder .