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digital painting unsettled silence by Tomas Karkalas from Klaipeda, Lithuania

digital painting Unsettled Silence by Tomas Karkalas from Klaipeda, Lithuania

The fenced-in dog barks at the one running free

This thought has drawn the need of response because of the analogy with myself:
the fenced-in = the living with the limiting status of the diagnosis  psychiatric disorders,
barks of the dog = my musing on life.
So the barking of the fenced-in embeds
a search for freedom is the unknown concept to the running free
despite the beauty of our reasoning.
So what is a place of the fine arts in our life?
The questions started a search for truth yet melted away while viewing the images created by Lithuanian artist Tomas Karkalas.


digital painting Home Town by Tomas Karkalas- Klaipeda, Lithuania

digital painting “Home Town”~ by Tomas Karkalas- Klaipeda, Lithuania

Though the pictures on my wall did not change but are alive – each new day renews the wonder and brings the new insights. These transformations have taught me to enjoy the attitude towards life rather than the ambiguous shapes.

People with disabilities dream away their life at their windows. That may look like a severe test – the damnation, but it may be the blessing too. As I stopped revile my window for my limitations, I saw the children outside the window. They laughed in my backyard despite the collapsing world. When I acknowledged my swaddling-clothes, the smile returned to my face –
my window rescued it when I stopped pretending I can everything.

creators from Klaipeda

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Thought of the day

photo Unwraped pack of cookies by Tomas Karkalas

The Power To Be in disguise as a cookie — 2010

Time from time I like to browse through my blog. Thus the photo the Power to be in disguise as a cookie ~ 2010 caught my look once again. I wrote then that we can either talk about love or to love. Nothing changed since then despite the multitude of new artworks. Art Test remained the same. Did we learn though something? Art metaphors are still waiting for their readers.

Eloquent silence of Tomas Karkalas

The attempts to write eloquently with the meaning and benefit to the readers frequently head towards the writer‘s block. Though it may look nice to keep bad emotions and sad stories for oneself (not to litter the space we all share in common), but the suppressed feelings result in a double darkness. Yet the situation is not the hopeless. I will share my experience as a proof. I‘m writing in a foreign language nobody talk around and thus transform the legitimate mourning into the lovely play of words nobody follow because of ignorance of language I talk. That reminds the hiding in a safe shelter but that enables me to stand up and go on with a smile. So a toad is addressing you.
As I opened the dictionary, what am I became the obvious. I was a toad. Yes yes, as the disabled I was unemployed for life so I was eating my family toads. The truth was not the inspirational but the arguing with the dictionary would look even more silly thing. The reality looked ugly but I did not gave in despite my predicament. I did not throw away my Lithuanian-English vocabulary but opened its next page.
Creative work…that was a whole new ball game. Now the Dictionary enabled me to put a new face on my being. People know me as an artist! Have a look at Tomas Karkalas…The artworks blossom forth with a wish to thank for the beauty that surround me in disguise as the abstracts.The creativity enables me not to stumble and view the life not through the eyes but on inside.

Thought of the day

To boast is ugly, but to say “I know everything” is much worse because such thinking kills our gratitude to God for everything we have

Gratitude rules our spiritual life

most Honorable estimator of Tomas Karkalas art
the most honorable estimator of Tomas Karkalas art