mature squeakers

digital painting Mature Squeakers by Tomas Karkalas from Klaipeda, Lithuania

digital painting Mature Squeakers by Tomas Karkalas from Klaipeda, Lithuania

This is a picture, the artwork – the digital painting ‘Mature squeaker’ is my response to no comments. That’s an  overview of the modern world.
The squeaker…the pets are growing old and showcase the transformation of the beloved pup to the barking dog.
The Squeakers leave our towns and inhabit the diaries – pure love leaves our homes.
Where did lead such reports?
The life urged me to vet my dustbin.  So I am searching for the heart here now.

There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face ~ Bernard Williams

my heart

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Why Silence Overcome The Words

1955-? Tomas Karkalas - Klaipeda, Lithuania

1955 – ?

“Freedom is never free; it is always bought with blood”- — O.S. Hawkins.

The meaning of the “?“ is not the exact number, but the reminder about the death being not a dot. Thus the “?” motivates today, makes my walking more responsible here and now.

Power of the knowledge

photo of a pot

what’s inside?

This is a pot – not the artwork, but a simple shot of what’s on my table, however I am going to frame it: to make a pot the distinctive page of my diary. So where is a key to this unsearchable action?
It is neither a shape of my pot, nor the colors of the image – it is the knowledge of what’s inside a pot. That is why the image looks so sweet to me : I saw how my wife was cooking a jam here, and that caused the magical transformation – my knowledge has made the ordinary pot into something worthy to remember, revealed a secret of my transformational art.

Symbolism in the silence

digital photo Portrait of the Silence by Tomas Karkalas 2009-2013

Portrait of the Silence ~Tomas Karkalas 2009-2013

As the foreign news threaten the readers, my photos rest in peace and play hide-and-seek. Each time I browse through the archives, new questions raise up. What are our goals?

Once upon a time there lived people who hide their emotions in the diaries. We keep the journals too, but none of us needs the solitude anymore. Our diaries turned to the blogs where the success of the online journals became dependent on Google’ ratings. The implication is that the market administers the heart now. So what?  The market’ rules pushed God’s guidance down the stairs…  Let‘s see what do we reap now?  A great many of people keep the banners „No to the hackers!“

beside the light

photo story Beside the Light by Tomas Karkalas

photo story Beside the Light by Tomas Karkalas

as soon as I glanced at this wall I experienced just a magical transformation . It was a touch of light.

the snow is white or what makes the blogging priceless

My willingness to report something good forced me to look around more attentively.  That’s why I love the blogging. I have discovered …the snow was white. Wow! The above truth was only sunny news of today and it was not left unnoticed DUE YOUR INTEREST  in my posts.  Thank you dear readers for that precious support to stay positive.  Your presence transform complaints into the greetings.  While our press  daily reports only bad news and informs the citizens that their life would become much harder next year,   I found the ability to enjoy Nature’ wisdom once again due to you. Therefore though it’s cold outside and the wind bites now, I do not  whimper but question what could be better than such state of things? Just think. That (the cold) means all  worms (the garden pests) would be frozen (killed) for the future flowers could safely raise up their heads.

Now I could make the detailed list of hardships we meet with, yet that would look totally improperly in the light of the rapidly forthcoming holiday. Thus let’s  repeat  the positive events that still dwell in my surroundings.

1) the snow is white.  2) the wind conserves the future to future and thus is the freezing   3) I am still alive and wish to say something positive. I welcome you to my picture gallery It will grow.

Today is the same as once upon a time

I’m browsing through my archives.

what for do I need a car if nobody awaits me nowhere?
Once upon a time I took a deep breath, and it was good indeed. Therefore the healthy-living exercise was repeated for some time… until I asked myself, what do I enjoy in the concrete?