the breakthrough via the ignorance towards oneself

digital painting the breakthrough via the ignorance  2005 ~ Tomas Karkalas

the breakthrough via the ignorance 2005 ~ Tomas Karkalas

Time renames the pictures but old images continue the sharing of the same message despite our expanded experience. It changes only the titles but not the message.

As I looked at my digital painting on above, the cloud of improvements cried for healing touch to better express the Towards Oneself theme. It looked like the changing of the past needed only the editing program, but was that not a trap?
We cannot change the past. We can only try to comprehend our yesterday.
Therefore I did not edit my artwork.
The Wake up! command challenges but not raises up a wish to stand up. That demands the acknowledgement of personal state on a bottom.  Am I there?
I have browsed through my blogging. No comments were the typical endings of my posts.  Does it mean my emotions were only mine actuality?

Our life is what our thoughts make it.” (Marcus Aurelius, Meditations)

Time turned the silence to the provision of the writing materials for new post could occur, for a breakthrough via the ignorance could stay possible, so here are  the transformational art of Tomas Karkalas