photo painting Curiosity ~ Tomas Karkalas

Curiosity ~ Tomas Karkalas

Pale mirror

Pale mirror of Tomas Karkalas
Pale mirror of Tomas Karkalas

While walking down a street in a search of self,  I run into a wall by recognizing self in a plasterboard that sat me back in an awe .
– Do you talk to me? – I questioned the wall.
The eyeshot was silent like a mirror, and the mirrors never lie .

Lost sanity

digital painting eternal truths ~ 60x45cm ~ Tomas Karkalas

eternal truths ~ 60x45cm ~ Tomas Karkalas

Lost sanity unveils the wonderland of the eternal truths. Have a look. That would enable you to see better my anatomy of love

A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed ~ Proverbs 11:25

unnameable serenity

digital painting unnameable serenity ~ 50x66,67 cm ~ Tomas Karkalas ~
unnameable serenity ~ 50×66,67 cm ~ Tomas Karkalas ~

“Suffering is arguing with reality.” ~ Byron Katie

How much is love?

how much is the love

How much is love? / Tomas Karkalas

Wonderful quote came in response to the digital painting HOW MUCH IS LOVE?

“Climb mountains not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world.” ~ David McCullough Jr.

David McCullough Jr. pictorially explained my wish to blog and get the comments – that’s my desire to become familiar with my surrounding.

art of hearing heart beating

painting by Tomas Karkalas, Lithuania

hearing heart beating

This picture came as my response to the  Test of Love and linked together my paintings and photography. The different images portray the same light – express the same longing and need the same key to breakthrough the shroud of the colors.

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