current affairs in artistic reflection

current affairs

current affairs - Tomas Karkalas 2010

The snow pictures show current affairs (depicts the chaos and the helplessness of many around), and that is a test, because it is so easy to turn back from the photography and to  shift to the  criticism of all around, meanwhile the snow drawings come from the radiant whiteness of the frozen light. The contradiction in terms is the obvious here.  Thus what’s the true content of  this landscape? What do you think?  Our mindset reveals the reality we are facing.  So we witness the real miracles:  we meet  either the litters or the beauty… yet can the way of my approach to the cultural values pay my bills (change the economic conditions of people who are dependent on my country politics?  So what’s the fine arts?  The meditation in color that’s our coming in a hug, thus please do not delay to activate this link…. free traffic exchange