New Last

Digital painting by Tomas Karkalas

new Last – spring 2011

Arthiker  watch the travels of the sun over the sky and his sketches show the inner transformations. Such way God’s Spirit guides fine artsenables the paintbrush to follow the metaphors. The spring rejuvenate the earth face and Arthiker acts likewise. The eraser successfully deals with the prejudices – recognizes the light in each spot and takes of the masks. The paints please the eyes, but your comments give a meaning to the viewing.

Thank you.

magic of response

What does make our arts and crafts the fine arts?

The titles work like magic in transforming an ordinary shot into the ARTWORK that deals with the eternities. That truth awakens the wish to study the word. Consequently, we face lots of newsmen. The above looks logically, but brings no light- wile fine art grow in cost, the newspaper does otherwise, isn’t it? Or does anybody worry for the yesterday’s paper?

While the “hard news” were filling the waste-paper baskets, the unknown passerby was reading his diary as the best poetry, and the word enlightened his path.

talks on oneness/spiritual brotherhood of the humanity sound grand indeed. Lots of good posts overfill the newspapers … Unfortunately, good dreams are not enough for to dry the eyes of our sick today.   Why did we receive the opposites of our hearty expectations?  What’s wrong?  Why did we face just the bloody confrontations everywhere around?

Love is as the greatest gift, so the daily test.  Love can’t be produced by any social laws. It is entirely the personal feature, that is high above all human directives. Our dreams look nice but are not enough for to dry the eyes of our sick today.  Life needs not the compassionate viewers,  but the concrete actions- the personal response.