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Tomas Karkalas ~ the disability came to the dead-end but love broke the web’s lock

This photo painting express an overview of my life. The dark picture : I am out of work and money because of a disability. Nevertheless,  I rejoice over the sun outside, despite the limitations to move further. The empty purse explains such situation beter than my health situation… My family care for me and the son helps greatly… I am very grateful for the enablement to paint and to arrange lots of art echibitions which were accepted well.  That’s nice but I wish to show  the better works. It is good to have something to eat, but that can not be the goal of the life.  I’m dreaming about good photo equipment, that would enable me to put on a paper my visions and share the light’s story with you. I need around 4 thousands euro… the fantasy?
Please create a miracle. Your donation of any amount will illuminate my day, the day of one who lives with disabilities and wants not shut up but bloom with the hearty “Thank You!”
Help me please to live and to create the pictures of the gratitude, to use art mirror.

My account : Swedbank LT197300010080329876
“Swedbank”, AB SWIFT/BIC
code HABALT 22, code of the bank 73000

God Bless You my dear benefactors.


New Year resolution- I am going to paint the flowers

field of silence

field of silence

When the fireworks were illuminating the night, I was looking at a  kitchen table.  Thus the bed of vase bloomed with hope and enabled me to recall the tradition to make the resolutions for the  New Year.  I have chosen to uplift my eyes once again.

field of silence at a close up

Field of silence at a close up

As I dared to shift my eye from the reality of the floorboard to the consolation prize from the above,  the fresh leaves came into my sight immediately.  The wonder overfilled my heart.  What kind of flower will be discovered ultimately?

resolution to bloom

Yes, I will learn to draw the flowers.  I am going to bloom despite the threatening news of my beloved country (the nuclear power-station was closed on New Year eve and the cost for the electricity is going to jump high, meanwhile the pensions will be  pared-down… and bills raised up significantly) The able-bodied population boot out from Lithuania for the daily bread, yet the sick remain.  People with disabilities can rely just on a miracle.  So our hardships enabled us to dream about  the light, to call for the Savior and to revive because of the miracle of the Heavenly Peace, which knocks on the heart then. Personally I am going to learn to paint the flowers.  That may look ridiculous in the light of the current affairs (our art therapy club Modus Vivendi was forced to close… so to speak, the grateful audience was lost, and the farewell post appeared on Art by Tomas blog  too. Yet I still hope to receive your support and thus I enjoy my visions till now.  Dear readers, help me to transform the slide show  Passionate Silence into the grateful day-to-day walk. Though my geographical location do not allow me to put the donate button on my blog, but your support can reach me via Western Union Bank. Your financial remittance would help me to heal my teeth and to print my artworks…

your love proves once again  God is with us . Thank you my dear benefactors.