scattered thoughts.

digital painting by Tomas Karkalas - Klaipeda, Lithuania

digital painting Scattered Seeds by Tomas Karkalas – Lithuania

We should not count the wonders, but recognize them in every our step to ride a dream.

form keyhole to myself

photo painting by Tomas Karkalas

overview of my life

My life journey was unforgettable but it interests only a dustbin – the reports please only Art by Tomas blog.  So I’m guessing, what missed my works to receive the publicity worthy pondering deeper?
The phrase from keyhole to myself pictorially describes my life with disabilities… Each picture dreams of escape from my archives, long for the awakening by the power of your word of mouth – am I seeing a dream?

Power of failure

Here is a story worthy pondering deeper. This digital painting illustrates  the Garden of Possibilities in the new light. digital painting Power of a FailureWhat is worthy more? Is it the paintings or the definitions we leave? So to speak, do we wish to love or to talk about the love?

I am glad to fail to show what I met with, because that “misfortune” enabled me to shift from satisfaction at my handicrafts to the  questioning of the meaning of our being.

winter test

digital paintingThis digital painting reports  the winter’s  test of  our best intentions.  See the report of the Untitled here…

magic of the autumn portraits

digital painting by Tomas Karkalas from Lithuania

digital painting Autumn Portraits by Tomas Karkalas from Lithuania

This digital painting has melted  the irritating daily news into an awe. The autumn portraits awaked and inspired – enabled me not to stumble but enjoy my being “here and now”

art of hearing heart beating

painting by Tomas Karkalas, Lithuania

hearing heart beating

This picture came as my response to the  Test of Love and linked together my paintings and photography. The different images portray the same light – express the same longing and need the same key to breakthrough the shroud of the colors.

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