Peace with ourselves

When we find peace with ourselves, we become the candles that shine like a beacon. When we find peace with ourselves, our works show that regardless of the consciousness of our understanding of what happens around. When we find peace with ourselves, our personalities melt into the love which fills us all likewise. This Love warms the earth and embodies human dreams.  She feeds on our  attitude towards each other, which enables us to live  fruitfully and blooms with the reciprocal links on our blogs.

The love…joy to discern the light in all kinds of colorings for to rejoice at the fellowship of the heaven is the main feature of all artists. That’s the goal – the main theme of all artworks and the greatest reward.

The sacred peace within us  is not a theory , not the results of  some technique, but the divine gift. That’s  the Spirit’s presence in us,  which is not a fantasy but the reality that proves herself through our works.   Thus a  sense of space and light in my pictures  shows not my mastery to paint, but the faith. The artworks report not my intentions to say something,  but the footprints of  the Spirit,  which dwells in each of us and enables us to endure the walk despite all dreadful things that fill up the world today.

While people pay a lot for the medicine that offers only the temporal effects,  the peace within us comes to us as the divine gift  which we receive for a free through our faith.
Our works show our belief, and express our praise to God for His daily guidance and love.