To see a picture means to love, to hear its colors. Gratitude for what you have is the key to the Castle of Happiness.
Colors combine the various problems of today with the spiritual values ​​of the people and thus embody the latter in solving human dilemmas.

My diary was turned into the Arthiker blog by this thought.
At least I was healed by it. Of course, that happened only thanks to you – due to your feedback about my sighs that reminded me of the power of art to save people by directing them to the light.
Poetry, like any art, blooms but blooms only in the beds of your commentary.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery writes:
“Condemning yourself is a lot harder than judging others. If you can judge yourself well, it will show that you are a real wise person.”
Who wouldn’t want to be wise! Therefore I got out of bed and created my WordPress.com account. That’s why you see “a ..”, “b …” on your computer screens now, and guess, what’s going on here, right?

My eyes disappear in the bookshelf. Baron Munchausen, Dante’s Divine Comedy – all sorts of names flash, including Antoine de Saint-Exépery’s “Citadel”.
“Time is not an hourglass that uses sand, but a cutter that binds the foot.”
Maybe my account too will appear on someone’s bookshelf one day.

the image that occurred in Tomas Karkalas’s mind during sleep.

Are you more afraid of information from a TV reviewer, or sleeping near a snoring one?


What do you see in the photo? Autumn leaves? Or maybe you recognize yourself in it?
This is me, Butterfly, who was put in Plaster

Love is just one word, but how many meanings it contain! Let’s see.
Some say they love themselves, others say they love their family. The authorities are urging us to love our city as well. As you can see, we already have three loves, and that’s not all.
We are called to love God first and foremost.
Sex and agape are certainly not the same, although they are named after the same word. In addition, people say that if we love God, we must love our enemies as well. Is that possible?
What does it mean to love?

Let’s talk.

a talk with the heart

photo of Tomas Karkalas  talk with the heart
a talk with the heart

There is no such thing as loneliness, teach us the heart. – Just look under your feet. Many portraits disguised as scattered stones. Click “what’s next?” to read their story

Anatomy of Love

Anatomy of Love ~ Tomas Karkalas
Anatomy of Love~ Tomas Karkalas ~ Klaipeda, Lithuania

Jesus said: “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me” ~ Revelation 3:20

Welcome to transformational art of Tomas Karkalas

Daily reading of the Bible describes my current posture: I did not speak of my creations as personal accomplishments, but I did enjoy seeing life from God’s side. So my work is not an effort to fill a blank piece of paper, but a happiness to watch the majestic flight of the Spirit of God, which gives peace to those who are painfully disabled …

I ignored the traffic rules, but I was not silenced. Arts Therapy Club Modus Vivendi invited me to join them . The most important thing in creation is not the framed picture, but the transformation of attitudes to life, only Such a “palette” sees and expresses eternal truths in our daily concerns

visual art is not a beautifully filled picture plane, but a revelation of eternal values in our daily worries

Thank you!

What next?

I live on a disability pension which allows me to savour only a slice of bread. So my creativity depends on your support. If you like my works, please enable me to continue artistic activity, send your donations to:

photo "what next?" by Tomas Karkalas
photo “what next?” by Tomas Karkalas

The artists are free despite the situation they live in because the fine arts are not costly things but personal attitude towards eternity.


photo Endurance by Tomas Karkalas


urban greenery

photo urban greenery by Tomas Karkalas from Klaipeda, Lithuania

photo urban greenery by Tomas Karkalas from Klaipeda, Lithuania
urban greenery

Your emotions trouble you only in those things which you call yours

…as I recall these words of wisdom are an open secret – yet they are still the secret and continue to show the truth in our stressful world…- Thus What is a use of talking?

unvarnished truth

son's photo Our Family
Mūsų šeima / My family

Daily Moments With God
The presence of God. Presence is defined as being the immediate vicinity of something or someone. It means to be in attendance or to detect someone or something in a place at a particular time. The presence of God.

In all that you do … recognize the presence of God. So often we say we desire God’s presence but what we have to understand is God is always present. He said that He will never leave us nor forsake us. He said He is always with us. So it is not about desiring His presence … it is about recognizing and acknowledging His presence.

The whole point behind recognizing and acknowledging things is so that you can follow it up with an action. It does no good to know a thing and not do what you “know” you are to do. That being said …. When we know that God is always present …. let’s do what we know we need to do to acknowledge His presence. Let’s worship Him.

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