The challenging dawn

 "The Thinker" - Tomas Karkalas's first digital drawing

“The Thinker” – Tomas Karkalas’s first digital drawing

They say “the words have the power to alter thinking” so let us look at our thoughts.

The Internet changed natural hug with the teaching on a positive thinking. The numerous theories blossomed out and crowed in our virtual playground, where  natural wish to bid welcome have dressed a suit of the mysterious metaphor. It is no wonder that many of us became confused. Meanwhile the original intentions were a search of life in full were nice. 

The modern means of communication mark the wordless hug as the desire – as something we not have at a moment.

Does it mean I am mourning?

No, I just took advantage of my keyboard. I wished something to share with you, so opened my archives and the “The Thinker”, my first digital drawing, appeared on a top.

Lets discuss our awakening to grow by sharing the heart.