Life’s secret

The Loneliness and needlessness are inseparable between.

The wish to share the artworks with you looks nicely , and that can’t be otherwise.

loneliness and  meaningless are inseparable between.

Tomas Karkalas ~ life's secret 2015
Tomas Karkalas ~ life’s secret 2015


While putting my pictures on a blog, I was silent about the location of much more inspiring colors. That was so indeed, but now let me apologize for my selfishness. Let me uncover the secret. The most astounding artwork can be found in the magical window that gaze at you from under each post. That’s the page for your comments.

Yes, that sounds a bit strange indeed. Thus you are surprised. Therefore let me explain all above more profoundly. As you come to a page for leaving your reply, you face not the free space for the writing, but your your own opportunities to awake. Wow, the miracle happens when the passive viewer who inhabited inside us gives a stage to the creator you become at a moment you leave the reply. When you are putting down what was grasped by you, you are reading not my musings, but start listening at your own heart. What could be more glorious than the recognition of that secret light? There are lots of interesting places to visit, but nothing can look more attractive than the personal awakening. Our comments are the magical windows. Do you see your own past sitting back in awe towards you now?

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