inspirational saying

photo prompt TEST of LOVE

photo prompt TEST of LOVE

As a saying goes, it is so as you say. Yet such affirmations didn’t change neither my case-record nor a sense of well-being. I succeeded only in taking a photo : “Test of Love” This shot is far from technical excellence but it is the  prompt to think more responsibly.

Once upon a time I questioned myself, what would happen if I would make no new artworks more? Would I stop being a man ?  Time came to respond. If my works had any value, it was so not because of my prints but the attitude towards life. I was then and am a christian.

art of hearing heart beating

painting by Tomas Karkalas, Lithuania

hearing heart beating

This picture came as my response to the  Test of Love and linked together my paintings and photography. The different images portray the same light – express the same longing and need the same key to breakthrough the shroud of the colors.

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