The survivors will bloom

“The world is a dangerous place.
Not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing”.
– Albert Einstein
The last Mohican ~paskutinis mohikanas

Tomas Karkalas 2015 ~ Last Mohicans are indwelling Klaipėda

The survivors will bloom in green, and the earth is going to renew once again, but at a moment, we see just the neutral colors.  So the art test of our patience.  The survivors will bloom. Would it be you?

the unknown face

photo the unknown face ~ self-portrait of Tomas Karkalas

the unknown face ~ self-portrait of Tomas Karkalas

Cracky paving was bumpy to walk, but my hardships were richly rewarded by looking underfoot. The sharp impression of something alive pierced me , so I stopped in an awe. Would I dare to set my foot upon the unknown face? The visual thoughts were the challenging. Therefore, I took a photo.


photo painting Curiosity ~ Tomas Karkalas

Curiosity ~ Tomas Karkalas

Pale mirror

Pale mirror of Tomas Karkalas

Pale mirror of Tomas Karkalas

While walking down the street in a search of self,  I run into a wall.  I recognized a mirror in a  plasterboard and  thus sat back in an awe .
Do you talk to me? I questioned the wall.
It was hard to acknowledge my eyeshot. Typically, I  create more colorful images, but this pale rectangle was a mirror, and the mirrors never lie – like art of Tomas

What next?

photo "what next?" by Tomas Karkalas

photo “what next?” by Tomas Karkalas

The artists are free despite the situation they live in because the fine arts are not costly things but personal attitude towards eternity.


photo Endurance by Tomas Karkalas



lullaby of the archives

digital painting dreams had dawned to web by Tomas Karkalas

dreams had dawned to web by Tomas Karkalas

The wish to share the heart is not it’s sharing out of itself. A dream demands two-way action, yet it was not in vain in my case. Wish of sharing enabled me to open the archives and thus to remind “sad portrait” on above…There were lots of yellow sand and the amber seashore – my footprints were everywhere there… Was and were – past tense is a key to the sadness of the yellow portrait, the situation comprehension  points to the way out of the current mess and thus makes the tears into the lullaby worthy the sharing.

The archives and cracks

the illusion of the sally / Tomas Karkalas

the illusion of the sally / Tomas Karkalas

The archives and cracks look inseparable till we ask “why?” Thus the picture revealed the earlier hidden truth – the past never was free from the current emotions. Was that the prophetical feature?
In other words, well-built oaks catch the eyes, yet the stumps mesmerize us with their humbleness to serve us as the bearers of the heavenly reflection.  What do you think?