What is behind the bars?

documentary photograph „Copy of Copy“ ~ from a cycle „art therapy works“ by Tomas Karkalas from Klaipeda, Lithuania

documentary photograph Copy of Copy ~ from a cycle „art therapy works“ by Tomas Karkalas from Klaipeda, Lithuania

The documentary photograph „Copy of Copy“ stands like a sentinel over the sunbeam. It pleases the eye but do not allow me to close in the self-satisfaction amidst the fellow artists. I guess you wonder how this magic shot was taken, so here is a story.
While wandering around my town I came to a scenery that could not pass by. A huge stump stopped me. Yes. Not a tree but the stump: not the tree of life but the symbol of the remnants – the portrait of me…so I didnt fear the bars that dangled in front of the passersby any more. The door stood waiting for me and I stepped in- responded to the mystifying welcome.
Thus I appeared in the art therapy room where people with the psychiatric disorders were sitting around the table and drawing a sun… wow! Love inhabited a tiny room : the lights of the lovely drawings and the handicrafts dazzled me, shown with peace. So I forget the bars at a glimpse and took my camera. Everything bloomed here – richly provided me with a stuff for a sharing and I took my Canon Power-shot S80.
Life behind the bars did not allure but the works of art therapy class for mentally ill sat me in an awe. Do you recall the ‘serenity‘, the girl with her paper trimmings from my last post? Yes. She is one of the heroes here.

„It is not what we receive but what we give that heals us.“ ~ Richard P. Evans


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