the breakthrough via the ignorance towards oneself

digital painting the breakthrough via the ignorance  2005 ~ Tomas Karkalas

the breakthrough via the ignorance 2005 ~ Tomas Karkalas

Time renames the pictures but old images continue the sharing of the same message despite our expanded experience. It changes only the titles but not the message.

As I looked at my digital painting on above, the cloud of improvements cried for healing touch to better express the Towards Oneself theme. It looked like the changing of the past needed only the editing program, but was that not a trap?
We cannot change the past. We can only try to comprehend our yesterday.
Therefore I did not edit my artwork.
The Wake up! command challenges but not raises up a wish to stand up. That demands the acknowledgement of personal state on a bottom.  Am I there?
I have browsed through my blogging. No comments were the typical endings of my posts.  Does it mean my emotions were only mine actuality?

Our life is what our thoughts make it.” (Marcus Aurelius, Meditations)

Time turned the silence to the provision of the writing materials for new post could occur, for a breakthrough via the ignorance could stay possible, so here are  the transformational art of Tomas Karkalas 

Approaching a Loner

digital painting Approaching a Loner ~ Tomas Karkalas; Klaipeda, Lithuania

digital painting Approaching a Loner ~ Tomas Karkalas; Klaipeda, Lithuania

I was going by the bridge when I suddenly look down. The river was full of water and it seemed so vicious – the thick and brown…

The words sacrifice their original meaning for the transformation into the metaphors and so do the visual arts; life illustrations turn to the abstracts to grasp people’s attention. As the words sacrifice their original meaning to grip people‘s attention, the metaphors inhabit  us. While watching the changes, the common pictures turn to the abstract art and divides the artists to visual masters and the writers. Does the clarity increase? We can define the creativity as never-ending search for the right word. So the solitude receives the double assessment. Most people see it as main feature of the saints who need a silence to prayer, to talk with God and therefore bow to it till mentally ill surface in the same diagnosis. The sages benefit from the touch with their soul in silence, but people with the psychiatric disorders meet just a sneer and world‘s ignorance.
The national  economy perceives mentally ill as a burden , despite the lessons they took in their silence. Though the sick like the saints live in touch with their soul but meet only the hardships to announce their insights to the world.
Once I have read „If you  are alone, you have no value“  These words well-defined the being of people with psychiatric disorders and therefore pierced me deeply with the undeserved charge.  Am I a no-good, the worthless?  
I tried to overview the comments we leave on one another posts. The „Whoops!!!“ was most popular, but did it speak a lot? How does „Whoops!!!“ relate to the questions the authors were raising in their writing? Our signatures follow  Whoops!!! and vanish from sight under the impersonal form of our writing. No comments would be more honest response, yet does anybody want the truth? It‘s otherwise. We all dream to receive though the simplest „like“. I am not an exception, but can a little here. I can only try to guess what would be your response. Thank you in advance.

“The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for.”    (Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov)

inspirational saying

photo prompt TEST of LOVE

photo prompt TEST of LOVE

As a saying goes, it is so as you say. Yet such affirmations didn’t change neither my case-record nor a sense of well-being. I succeeded only in taking a photo : “Test of Love” This shot is far from technical excellence but it is the  prompt to think more responsibly.

Once upon a time I questioned myself, what would happen if I would make no new artworks more? Would I stop being a man ?  Time came to respond. If my works had any value, it was so not because of my prints but the attitude towards life. I was then and am a christian.

art prompt: cry for color

photo Cry for Color from the archives of Tomas Karkalas

cry for color


Once upon a time the sunbeam created my palette and the artworks reflected the sunbeam. My surroundings literally feeds me – the fine arts helped me recognize oneself in other .

Roses bloom beautifully because they are not trying to be lavender or irises.“ ~ Pragito Dove

The cost of color discovery is high. Art therapy classes go in the hospitals for people with the psychiatric disorders.



meeting a fantasy

graphic Logo of Tomas Karkalas
Tomas Karkalas


The ARTHIKER blog requires a new post every day, so the need to think makes me look at my day consciously. Despite old age, responsibility makes me grow.

Some say the photos speak. So I looked around and that ‘s what I saw … my Arthiker . The word means Tomas Karkalas hiker through art .

Symbolism in the silence

digital photo Portrait of the Silence by Tomas Karkalas 2009-2013

Portrait of the Silence ~Tomas Karkalas 2009-2013

As the foreign news threaten the readers, my photos rest in peace and play hide-and-seek. Each time I browse through the archives, new questions raise up. What are our goals?

Once upon a time there lived people who hide their emotions in the diaries. We keep the journals too, but none of us needs the solitude anymore. Our diaries turned to the blogs where the success of the online journals became dependent on Google’ ratings. The implication is that the market administers the heart now. So what?  The market’ rules pushed God’s guidance down the stairs…  Let‘s see what do we reap now?  A great many of people keep the banners „No to the hackers!“

Thought of the day

photo Unwraped pack of cookies by Tomas Karkalas

The Power To Be in disguise as a cookie — 2010

Time from time I like to browse through my blog. Thus the photo the Power to be in disguise as a cookie ~ 2010 caught my look once again. I wrote then that we can either talk about love or to love. Nothing changed since then despite the multitude of new artworks. Art Test remained the same. Did we learn though something? Art metaphors are still waiting for their readers.