embellished pain

he flowers embellish the irritating mist of the weary streets.

digital painting
The Embellished Pain of Tomas Karkalas from Klaipeda, Lithuania

The flowers embellish the irritating mist of the weary streets. Have a look at the artwork on above.  Yet everything has its cost. So the spring refreshment remains a wish to the artificial colors in spite of the beauty of the human handicrafts.
That is why I named my artwork the embellished pain – I am laughing at  personal helplessness to plan anything except joy to stay the grateful for ever.

talks of my digital photo painting


photo painting
portrait of silence 2011

As I open my window, the houses in front of me tell something new to me each day anew. So while looking at the same picture, the familiar horizon dresses in a new story again and again. I  rejoice over it with unceasing wonder and the increasing gratitude each time I receive the new greeting. Though what I see in front retains the same shapes, the colors  talk about the eternal values in the new light and thus deepen the understanding of the spiritual food we take with our each breath in.

beside the light

photo story Beside the Light by Tomas Karkalas
photo story Beside the Light by Tomas Karkalas

as soon as I glanced at this wall I experienced just a magical transformation . It was a touch of light.

New Last

God’s Spirit guides fine arts – enables my paintbrush to follow the metaphors.

Digital painting by Tomas Karkalas
new Last – spring 2011

Arthiker  watch the travels of the sun over the sky and his sketches show the inner transformations. Such way God’s Spirit guides fine artsenables the paintbrush to follow the metaphors. The spring rejuvenate the earth face and Arthiker acts likewise. The eraser successfully deals with the prejudices – recognizes the light in each spot and takes of the masks. The paints please the eyes, but your comments give a meaning to the viewing.

Thank you.

Modesty of the icicles

photo story by Tomas Karkalas
modesty of the icicles

In my post What do I like in photography? I wrote about the magic of the pictures that influence us. Now I wish to look what is of the greater worth – is it a pleasure to  view the technical excellence of the image, or the smile that comes in response to the artistic message? The photo modesty of the icicles enabled me to look around with the rejuvenated heart. I hope the below  photo story will expand your horizons too and enable to see the  next to you better ultimately.

This fractured wall depicts the hospital for the people with the psychiatric disorders. While the rubble symbolize their hard life experience and look ugly, the transparency of the icicles talk about the spiritual purity that hides inside each patient. Such comprehension fired me with the wish to take a shot, such way art by Tomas appeared and the  digital painting enabled arthiker to add the flower that I am sharing with you as the keys to the creativity now.

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