The Trappy Beauty

… As I began painting, my self-knowledge was increased through the appreciation of all artists.
I recognized the ARTIST in each one of us, and the strangers left my road.
When I became aware of God’s presence, my daily walk have obtained the meaning.

While writing one and the same text, each one of us uses his own style of handwriting. However, while reading the letter, no one become confused because of such “novelties”. The manner of writing didn’t confuse anybody, because we are looking not for the founts- the “Arial” or the “Times New Roman” (Trebuchet MS or Verdana) mean nothing of itself there. These different styles are just the different names of the same self expression in Hi, my dear.

While driving, we see lots of traffic signs and no one doubts for the need to take the corresponding actions then. Just rejoicing at the beauty of the signs would result in inescapable penalty.
Unfortunately, people are used to evaluate the above as something admirable out of itself in the Art Galleries. Consequently, the various disasters come as the natural outcome.
While the traffic signs guards us on the highways, the artworks should expand that area into the whole our life.
Unfortunately, we are just dreaming about the harmony between mind and heart in everyday life. Why does it happen so? What do you think?

Peace with ourselves

When we find peace with ourselves, we become the candles that shine like a beacon. When we find peace with ourselves, our works show that regardless of the consciousness of our understanding of what happens around. When we find peace with ourselves, our personalities melt into the love which fills us all likewise. This Love warms the earth and embodies human dreams.  She feeds on our  attitude towards each other, which enables us to live  fruitfully and blooms with the reciprocal links on our blogs.

The love…joy to discern the light in all kinds of colorings for to rejoice at the fellowship of the heaven is the main feature of all artists. That’s the goal – the main theme of all artworks and the greatest reward.

The sacred peace within us  is not a theory , not the results of  some technique, but the divine gift. That’s  the Spirit’s presence in us,  which is not a fantasy but the reality that proves herself through our works.   Thus a  sense of space and light in my pictures  shows not my mastery to paint, but the faith. The artworks report not my intentions to say something,  but the footprints of  the Spirit,  which dwells in each of us and enables us to endure the walk despite all dreadful things that fill up the world today.

While people pay a lot for the medicine that offers only the temporal effects,  the peace within us comes to us as the divine gift  which we receive for a free through our faith.
Our works show our belief, and express our praise to God for His daily guidance and love.

The artwork recall resistance to the darkness

When we open our eyes, we enable our dreams to enter our reality.

The history of the fine arts reports this truth exceptionally pictorial. Therefore please have a look at a magnificent canvas of Lithuanian Margiris. A mighty duke looks at us from amidst the fires that mix with the last sunbeams …
The miracle has happened: the heavens resisted and the darkness didn’t shadow the earth. The noble knight consciously chose the death but didn’t give in and his castle followed the example.
Freedom and honor was the signature of our great-fathers on the dawn of the history…
Not only the Lithuanians know their Margiris, all nations of the world have alike their own giants…

However, I like the fairy tales much more than art history. Fairy tales guard the ideals, while the history of the fine arts just collects the names of the masterpieces. Everywhere you go you meet lots of the Art Palaces. The multitude like them, like to rest in the modern markets that are proud to sell their heroes at quite approachable cost.

Life demanded the faith and no one have doubted the worth of the name at the dawn of the History, yet now the portraits of the Great of this world may be obtained for the cost of just few meals on every corner of a busy street.

Art Truth and Life Questions

Harsh signal of a car returned me to the earth and I sensed myself amid a busy street, facing at the window of an antiquity shop. Wow, the whatnot cost indeed a lot and are the luxury to most citizens.
However, this truth didn’t add any clarity but otherwise. It has transformed my reality into a puzzle. I have compared showpieces in the window with the load of a car that nearly knock me to the ground.
Goods of the garbage collectors don’t attract anybody in spite of the fact that all litters were the antique in some sense: what was thrown away by us had patiently served us prior to now.
So what makes the difference between the cultural values and the garbage?

While thinking, I was pierced by a thought, a nursery and a foster home may be found on the same street.

Quite opposite smells of these two institutions mixed into one impersonal noise, yet the heavy traffic wasn’t appropriate place to meditations. The laughter and the heavy silence were both swallowed up by the town

The essence of a background to all artwork

Healing with the Rainbow Rays Sept/Oct newsletter has featured my art again, and I hearty express my gratitude again.
Thank you, dear Alijandra.
Thank you for the help to share the hearty whispering of my colors.

…. It is natural to stumble and then it is good to hear you are not lost yet, you can still stand up and do it.
That’s not a theory; I personally have received this encouragement not once, and thus I am here and we are talking now.
However, when our hair turn grey or the heads go bald, the thoughts on building a fortune from nothing, on living by ourselves stop worry, and the question arises “What for have we lived?”
Is not it obvious that love can’t be produced or deserved, that it is the divine blessing, and one and only our goal is not to lose the joy of gratitude. That’s impossible to do alone and that’s having God’s fellowship.

Thank you, dear Alijandra.

Realism in the world of the fine arts

One and the same picture may be defined either the masterpiece, or just a spotted sheet of paper that didn’t reflect anything, neither our surroundings no our consciousness. Thus what makes a difference in the world of the fine arts?

Have a look. Three men are looking at the heaven. One see just the clouds, another rejoices at the creation of God, and the third goes even further, discerns the presence of divine light in himself.
All three face the same picture, yet they encounter absolutely different perspectives.
Who of them is right?

It is our personal outlook towards the life that makes the difference between the realism and just an abstraction, the reasoning for reasoning.

Does our logic reveal to us our reality or just the scientifically grounded superstitions?

It is no wonder that the debates over the naming of the artistic manner of painting never touch lots of people despite the fact that they appeal to each of us. The most just look at these riddles as just a typically nitty-gritty of the artists.
Is that the lovely tolerance or the dangerous torpidity of the people?

What it means to be the realist?

Three men were looking at the rapidly forthcoming clouds.

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