freedom to look

At a moment, there is nothing to rejoice at. You see just an empty sheet of paper.
However, I am something of a painter and have a pencil.

It will leave some track, yet it would be not my colors but the reflection of our communal walk with the rainbow towards the sun.

It wouldn’t be dull. The emptiness of the paper (sense of personal needlessness) will cease to worry. But my observations can reflect either the life (the light) or earn the penalty for the littering the Art Palaces.
The hardships of the enforced idleness will retreat,

It would be already your comments that will show what have happened. Did you discovered a mirror here or just have looked at the pictures ?

“The function of prayer is not to influence God, but rather to change the nature of the one who prays.”
— Soren Kierkegaard

fine arts kitchen

While creating the picture the artists use the different media and the different tools require the different hand movements. The skills comes and that’s the mastery. It helps an artist to express his vision, to depict what he see. However, the fruits of that knowledge are bitter to the taste. They blind the art viewers by shifting them from what was said to how it was done.
The study reveals the human anatomy but puts the cheerfulness of our Hi into the museums under the tables
“don’t touch with the hands”


The flowers rejoice at the sunlight and people open their windows towards the light. The trash irritates each of us, but the environmental pollution expands and threatens everyone.
That happens in spite of the statements “now people can easily create their “most treasured needs and desires”.
If that is indeed so, why did there are so many wearied and irritated people around us?

Do we rejoice at the sun, or trust in the power of our own flesh?

While wandering around my town, I didn’t heard the cheerful “Hi!” … Therefore it was no mystery to see just gloomy sky.
Yet, what was done by me? Did I welcome anybody today? What do I do now?

“Everything that irritates us about others
can lead us to an understanding of ourselves”
— Carl Jung
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