I have a cap

“Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you.”

key to life

‘The danger of the past was that men became slaves. The danger of the future is that man may become robots.’Erich Fromm

Wise sayings comfort the oldsters, release people of good will from the killing sense of their loneliness. Thus the quotes serve as the modern lullabies for the adults. The silent remarks gather together the ages: the strangers beam with the same mindset. The retorts don’t complaint to us of the physical helplessness of their authors, but boldly point to the eternities and thus remind us of God. The tourists rejoice at unforgettably beautiful churches, group their shots and wonder at just one entrance that allures many but opens just to personal knock at a door.

high beam

It sleets today and it seems as if the saying “So goes the world” perfectly defines as the season as the eyes of the passersby. It looks blue indeed … therefore my joy was the least believable response to the faced reality. I put on my best suit of clothes; I could just click a button, but I turned on my computer ceremonially : I was going to check my mailbox – I was going to meet You.

WOW! came out of itself at a moment I have read the letter above. Yes, it sleets today, but it seems as if nothing could be better than that. The atmospheric conditions don’t pinch with cold but urge on the corressponding response. Hi, dear … @com !

It may look silly to prank up while driving through a mess, but as I closed in my best – when my dreaming was put into the action – the grieving for my sad destiny was replaced with rejoicing at a lovely picture of friends at a fireplace. Pitch darkness backed away from me – ceded rights to the grateful smile.

the broken code

The new post was published on Modus Vivendi blog today. The reality challenged the Colourrain to response. The photo above has appeared such way here. That’s the life. The reality (the competition for the place under a sun – for the daily bread)) urges the artists to remind their forgotten sketchbooks and open the archives- in case they don’t plan to leave a stage.
While I was dreaming over a cup of coffee, what looked as the natural order of events became a riddle. The title of the post on Modus Vivendi blog (cost of eyesight ) helped to break a code.

as the saying goes

Many of us have heard “we are what we say”. Therefore many just give the nod and forgot all they know. There is no wonder that a cup of coffee costs more than the wisdom of poetry. Just look around. The reality talks about that eloquently.

my arts serve me as a magic wand that turns my life into a fun stroll around world history.

theoretical background

While walking down a street, I passed by a bookstore. However, I didn’t move by indiffirently. I stopped for a minute and looked at a showcase. Lots of hard covers were noticed by me. I casted a glance at a bookstore and the literature of the whole world was embraced by my eyes.
So to speak, the erudition cost me nothing. It was received for a free. All I needed to do was just to dare to leave the room.

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