Peace and Love

The integration of art to life not embellishes, but changes our life. As the pictures knock on the heart, the artworks transform the human mindset, and new way of thinking silences the beggars.

For example,  I have no money at a moment, yet  it does not matter any. Though my financial situation looks hopelessly and threatens to stop any creative work, yet I still have everything I need to share my heart I have my tongue and am free to speak, to greet you and share my thoughts with you.  As  Enreal says “And remember to see what we need to face”  Thus let Peace and Love mark  our starting point and define the day-to day being. Just click on above and speak your mind.

current affairs in artistic reflection

current affairs
current affairs - Tomas Karkalas 2010

The snow pictures show current affairs (depicts the chaos and the helplessness of many around), and that is a test, because it is so easy to turn back from the photography and to  shift to the  criticism of all around, meanwhile the snow drawings come from the radiant whiteness of the frozen light. The contradiction in terms is the obvious here.  Thus what’s the true content of  this landscape? What do you think?  Our mindset reveals the reality we are facing.  So we witness the real miracles:  we meet  either the litters or the beauty… yet can the way of my approach to the cultural values pay my bills (change the economic conditions of people who are dependent on my country politics?  So what’s the fine arts?  The meditation in color that’s our coming in a hug, thus please do not delay to activate this link…. free traffic exchange

Snow Portraits

Snow portraits

Our attitude towards the life makes flat surface of a print into the Artwork. So it is possible  either to sulk at our path, or sit back into awe towards eloquent talk of the earth

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mind travels

It would be  easy to define this picture as a still-life, yet would it be right? Is the above image just that?  Let’s look at this still-life as the nurse of Old Things, that  call to mind travels and thus enable us to unify  current moment and past dreams, to glimpse at the future and thus to taste the artwork indeed… if to put it simply, personally I see the best as I close my eyes and let the silence to talk.  The visual stories of the slide-show Passionate Silence comfort then. You might also like my  Meditation in Color …  enjoy the Transformational Art.

beauty depends on viewpoint

The reality I see depends on my viewpoint.  So it is easy to name this artwork either the realistic and sorrowful, or the symbolical and comforting.  Everything depends on our mindset.  That challenges, and the mood of the picture revives my archives .  Have a look at the Art of Truth. … I Hope you will enjoy my other blogs too.  See Time’s Judgment. My thanks to WordPress for her empowerment  to share these visual thoughts with you.

The loner

It was fine to paint, yet time came to write the titles.  So I am to choose now.  I can report either my dreams, or the state of the daily affairs.  So what should I do? Should I complain, or muse about love? What’s the truth?  The above artwork and my Digital painting differ between, yet their both portray the same flower, which also may be recognized in the picture Time’s judgment.

New Year resolution- I am going to paint the flowers

field of silence
field of silence

When the fireworks were illuminating the night, I was looking at a  kitchen table.  Thus the bed of vase bloomed with hope and enabled me to recall the tradition to make the resolutions for the  New Year.  I have chosen to uplift my eyes once again.

field of silence at a close up
Field of silence at a close up

As I dared to shift my eye from the reality of the floorboard to the consolation prize from the above,  the fresh leaves came into my sight immediately.  The wonder overfilled my heart.  What kind of flower will be discovered ultimately?

resolution to bloom

Yes, I will learn to draw the flowers.  I am going to bloom despite the threatening news of my beloved country (the nuclear power-station was closed on New Year eve and the cost for the electricity is going to jump high, meanwhile the pensions will be  pared-down… and bills raised up significantly) The able-bodied population boot out from Lithuania for the daily bread, yet the sick remain.  People with disabilities can rely just on a miracle.  So our hardships enabled us to dream about  the light, to call for the Savior and to revive because of the miracle of the Heavenly Peace, which knocks on the heart then. Personally I am going to learn to paint the flowers.  That may look ridiculous in the light of the current affairs (our art therapy club Modus Vivendi was forced to close… so to speak, the grateful audience was lost, and the farewell post appeared on Art by Tomas blog  too. Yet I still hope to receive your support and thus I enjoy my visions till now.  Dear readers, help me to transform the slide show  Passionate Silence into the grateful day-to-day walk. Though my geographical location do not allow me to put the donate button on my blog, but your support can reach me via Western Union Bank. Your financial remittance would help me to heal my teeth and to print my artworks…

your love proves once again  God is with us . Thank you my dear benefactors.

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