Cost of the Beauty

While talking about the fine arts, we shift away from the countless sketches to the timeless values. Meanwhile the sketches reveal the cost of these masterpieces… The artists typically silence that. It’s easy to explain such behavior. Plus the “humbleness” is the nice feature, yet let me to break this polite rule of the art showrooms now. What you see on above is just a sketch, so to speak, the burgeon that will burst into blossom one day… maybe. At a moment we can just to guess what will be framed and hung on a wall one day, yet the approximate cost is already clear.
See a story below.
We were driving home… so to speak, while my wife was driving, I was taking the photos. So my flash gave her trouble, made the driving hard, yet there was no hint of impatience in her face. While looking at my blurred shot now, I just can’t not to think either my arts are worthy wife’s patients – our whole life. While examining the sketch, I clearly see how near we were the crash. I recognize a hint to some face that looks at me. Whose is this? What was the message?

Author: Tomas Karkalas

The depth of the steps left in life is determined by love for each other. Spiritual healing begins with self-recognition in the next.

6 thoughts on “Cost of the Beauty”

  1. Very much an enigma.This photo will definitely be a daily reminder of just how little control we have over our own lives. A message there…maybe…maybe not!In any event…very nice results in the photo capture!Have a very positive day!DorothyL


  2. I just anted to stop in and take time to tell you that I find your work amazing. A true blessing to all!Jackie


  3. Hi Tomas,Thank you once again for your kind comment at my blog. I am humbled by your kind comment. Thank you also for adding me as one of your favorites. It is truly my honor to be able to be associated with you. In my last post, ‘The meaning of Life,’ I believe you have put much love and passion in the art masterpieces that you have created and will be creating in the future.Thank you.


  4. Hi Tomas,I just noticed that you are one of my better Entrecard droppers. I’ve added you to my favorites so I will be dropping on you every day. Sorry it’s taken me so long.Have a terrific day.Sandee


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