transform complaints into the greetings

art of truth

art of truth from the archives of Tomas Karkalas

This digital painting illustrates my current mood well, yet the picture belongs to my archives. Thus the question  raises up. Does anything change in our being ? Let’s look.

In 2001 I was  full with enthusiasm as the art therapy group started to work in the hospital for the people with psychiatric disorders, yet it was not profitable organization and thus the administration closed her now. So to speak, at a moment Modus Vivendi exists just in the archives of my blog. I welcome you to visit them. Hope you will enjoy at the colors there.  So let’s joke.  It’s natural that winter hides dream’s flowers  under the cold walls that don’t fear  the snow because the artificial heating guards the stones from the freezing cold… the irony shares some light, isn’t it? The acts of the administration look wise now (what for should their feed the permanent beggars?)  and  makes the above story  just the complaints for my personal helplessness to change anything here.  So… what for should you bother yourself with such information?

It’s holiday season now. Each day gifts us one new opportunity to grasp the blessing for the remaining alive till now. As we comprehend what’s what, we become the grateful for the ability to see the light, and the gratitude makes us the happy ones. Though I haven’t a penny for making my dreams into the tangible reality (art materials have a cost that associates with nice dream to the work-less ),  but I can visualize how my pictures could embellish your rooms and the hearts, which hear the light, and thus  the verse of my last post (the colors melt into nowhere and my helplessness will do the same soon) dried my  tears.  Merry Christmas!

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