the snow is white or what makes the blogging priceless

My willingness to report something good forced me to look around more attentively.  That’s why I love the blogging. I have discovered …the snow was white. Wow! The above truth was only sunny news of today and it was not left unnoticed DUE YOUR INTEREST  in my posts.  Thank you dear readers for that precious support to stay positive.  Your presence transform complaints into the greetings.  While our press  daily reports only bad news and informs the citizens that their life would become much harder next year,   I found the ability to enjoy Nature’ wisdom once again due to you. Therefore though it’s cold outside and the wind bites now, I do not  whimper but question what could be better than such state of things? Just think. That (the cold) means all  worms (the garden pests) would be frozen (killed) for the future flowers could safely raise up their heads.

Now I could make the detailed list of hardships we meet with, yet that would look totally improperly in the light of the rapidly forthcoming holiday. Thus let’s  repeat  the positive events that still dwell in my surroundings.

1) the snow is white.  2) the wind conserves the future to future and thus is the freezing   3) I am still alive and wish to say something positive. I welcome you to my picture gallery It will grow.

3 thoughts on “the snow is white or what makes the blogging priceless

  1. Life is short so we don’t have to think of all the worries, instead, think of the other side-positive side. It can help you overcome the hardships you are facing. And one thing, learn to appreciate even the smallest of things. They can play a big part of your life.


  2. Just so, Harley, for Basho said, “No matter what we may be doing at any given moment, it has a bearing on our everlasting lives.” And that is just the “value” of Tomas’s art, which was certainly an unexpected gift today I’m thankful for!


  3. Every moment of our lives is a gift that we must learn to appreciate and celebrate. The pain we feel is an opportunity for spiritual growth. May you give thanks for the gifts you have received.


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