transformational art of Tomas Karkalas

digital sketch "musings on light"

digital sketch “musings on light”

“Truth is multi-dimensional; it depends on the perspective you view from.” ~ Peter Shepherd

People glorify the freedom all over the world. All respect the authorities but the announcement „empty pocket“ means contrary things in different countries.

Great amount of wisdom quotes make wise appearance come easy to many people but only our actions fire up the beacons of the quotes. Thus the artists love the candlelight. Click and listen to the audio on transformational art of Tomas Karkalas

digital painting "Once upon a time" ~ Tomas Karkalas

once upon a time

The challenging dawn

 "The Thinker" - Tomas Karkalas's first digital drawing

“The Thinker” – Tomas Karkalas’s first digital drawing

They say “the words have the power to alter thinking” so let us look at our thoughts.

The Internet changed natural hug with the teaching on a positive thinking. The numerous theories blossomed out and crowed in our virtual playground, where  natural wish to bid welcome have dressed a suit of the mysterious metaphor. It is no wonder that many of us became confused. Meanwhile the original intentions were a search of life in full were nice. 

The modern means of communication mark the wordless hug as the desire – as something we not have at a moment.

Does it mean I am mourning?

No, I just took advantage of my keyboard. I wished something to share with you, so opened my archives and the “The Thinker”, my first digital drawing, appeared on a top.

Lets discuss our awakening to grow by sharing the heart.

Thought of the day

To boast is ugly, but to say “I know everything” is much worse because such thinking kills our gratitude to God for everything we have

Gratitude rules our spiritual life

most Honorable estimator of Tomas Karkalas art
the most honorable estimator of Tomas Karkalas art


What’s the point of going somewhere in order to grasp “here and now” under the feet?

Daily bread

The acts of kindness come as if out of itself and heal us like the raising dawn.

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discovery of light

photo WE BOTH ARE ALIKE ~ self-portrait with the homeless cat

WE BOTH ARE ALIKE ~ self-portrait with the homeless cat

This photo was picked up from my archives. Though the shot is old  but it talks till now. The picture as comforted me so warned of the blindness that would inescapably come if I would start to enjoy my own works:
If we focus on ourselves, the tears inescapably come because of memoirs -because of lost passions … therefore the weeping come and always distort the truth.

An artist, who enjoys his  own pictures, sees just himself and that is the disability.
I recalled a quote: “Happiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it.”

Do we obey?
Please have a look at the wish for blossom out

hide-and-seak with myself


When the consciousness stands at the wheel, the peace of mind houses my pictures in spite of the hugest waves of the contradictory news I am shipping. I am safe when I put myself into God’s hands but everything threaten to crash in case I trust in my own hand-works. Thus while rejoicing at a play of the colors, the beauty inspires my gratitude.  While painting, my brush holds my whole soul… but do I have the right to name that magical refreshment my own conscious program?

The Fine Art & the Artist … that’s the eternal values versus the aging flesh…
The titles create the signature of an artist and the signature makes the titles.