The attempts to make the truthful presentation.

apple of discord 2010

the apple of discord ~ Tomas Karkalas

The picture looks outwardly drastic, it’s the apple of discord. We see the striking contrast between visual story and the mastery of listening it.  The artworks are the transformational.  Thus now, your interpretation will make the last brush stroke.

It‘s hard to name the reality properly:  the jobcentre sees me as the uneducated, despite the study of the Scripture that have taught me everything I needed to know. God‘s Word teaches endurance in the flow of the current misunderstandings.

Power of the knowledge

photo of a pot

what’s inside?

This is a pot – not the artwork, but a simple shot of what’s on my table, however I am going to frame it: to make a pot the distinctive page of my diary. So where is a key to this unsearchable action?
It is neither a shape of my pot, nor the colors of the image – it is the knowledge of what’s inside a pot. That is why the image looks so sweet to me : I saw how my wife was cooking a jam here, and that caused the magical transformation – my knowledge has made the ordinary pot into something worthy to remember, revealed a secret of my transformational art.

the breakthrough via the ignorance towards oneself

digital painting the breakthrough via the ignorance  2005 ~ Tomas Karkalas

the breakthrough via the ignorance 2005 ~ Tomas Karkalas

Time renames the pictures but old images continue the sharing of the same message despite our expanded experience. It changes only the titles but not the message.

As I looked at my digital painting on above, the cloud of improvements cried for healing touch to better express the Towards Oneself theme. It looked like the changing of the past needed only the editing program, but was that not a trap?
We cannot change the past. We can only try to comprehend our yesterday.
Therefore I did not edit my artwork.
The Wake up! command challenges but not raises up a wish to stand up. That demands the acknowledgement of personal state on a bottom.  Am I there?
I have browsed through my blogging. No comments were the typical endings of my posts.  Does it mean my emotions were only mine actuality?

Our life is what our thoughts make it.” (Marcus Aurelius, Meditations)

Time turned the silence to the provision of the writing materials for new post could occur, for a breakthrough via the ignorance could stay possible, so here are  the transformational art of Tomas Karkalas 

meeting a fantasy

graphic Logo of Tomas Karkalas
Tomas Karkalas


The ARTHIKER blog requires a new post every day, so the need to think makes me look at my day consciously. Despite old age, responsibility makes me grow.

Some say the photos speak. So I looked around and that ‘s what I saw … my Arthiker . The word means Tomas Karkalas hiker through art .

transformational art of Tomas Karkalas

digital sketch "musings on light"

digital sketch “musings on light”

“Truth is multi-dimensional; it depends on the perspective you view from.” ~ Peter Shepherd

People glorify the freedom all over the world. All respect the authorities but the announcement „empty pocket“ means contrary things in different countries.

Great amount of wisdom quotes make wise appearance come easy to many people but only our actions fire up the beacons of the quotes. Thus the artists love the candlelight. Click and listen to the audio on transformational art of Tomas Karkalas

digital painting "Once upon a time" ~ Tomas Karkalas

once upon a time

Garden of possibilities

world through painter's eyes

this digital painting may be defined as an abstract art but I prefer it as  an outlook towards the world, the transformational art by  Tomas Karkalas who use his paintbrush as the tool for the meditation. Original size of the picture is 60×80 cm  It would be  good if your comments would take more place than the picture – joke.

mind travels

It would be  easy to define this picture as a still-life, yet would it be right? Is the above image just that?  Let’s look at this still-life as the nurse of Old Things, that  call to mind travels and thus enable us to unify  current moment and past dreams, to glimpse at the future and thus to taste the artwork indeed… if to put it simply, personally I see the best as I close my eyes and let the silence to talk.  The visual stories of the slide-show Passionate Silence comfort then. You might also like my  Meditation in Color …  enjoy the Transformational Art.